Aug 1931

AFN and the Tourist Trophy Race (T.T)



General Information
This famous race was essentially for production sports cars, and it naturally appealed strongly to H.J Aldington upon it’s revival in 1928 at the 13.67 mile circuit on the outskirts of Belfast.(Ards)

In both 1928 and 1929 every Frazer Nash entered failed to last the distance, all retiring with various mechanical ailments. In 1930 there were no Frazer Nash entries at all, quite possibly because AFN had neither the time nor money available following their recent move to Isleworth.

However, in 1931 ‘Aldy’ entered a team of 3 ‘Nashes; a Meadows-engined car (MV 159) for himself, another Meadows-engined car (MV 158) for his brother Don and Clifford Penn-Hughes (a regular ‘Nash racing enthusiast), and Tom Moore’s side valve supercharged Anzani-engined car (HX 3863), which he shared with his business partner W.S Braidwood.

Sadly, of the 3 cars, only ‘Aldy’ in MV 159 was still running at the finish of the race, but so far behind he was officially ‘flagged off’ and was not classified as a finisher.

Despite their lack of success, at the end of 1931 a new Frazer Nash model was nevertheless announced known as the TT Replica, the TT entry having justified the name.


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